martedì 9 giugno 2015

Paul Beauchamp - Pondfire

Before the summer, we have decided, together with Boring machines and Neon café produzioni, to publish a beautiful album, Pondfire by Paul Beauchamp.

It's a musical landscape over memories and past in a North Carolina's farm.
It will be ready for sale this week, but you can listen the whole work on the New Noise website, and read some beautiful lines written by Fabrizio Garau: 

Here another beautiful review by Matthew Sweeney on Foreign Accents:

venerdì 5 giugno 2015

Controlled Bleeding / Sparkle in Grey - Perversions of the aging savant

Perversions of the aging savant it's out now.

An (anti)split album in which two champions of the international underground scene join forces to concoct an exquisitely perverse juxtaposition of free-prog-jazz-noise-ambient courses and post-rock-electro-neo-classical tidbits. (Vittore Baroni)

Grab your copy right here: